T-Rex Slots

Are you looking for a little more excitement in your life? Want to go where the dinosaurs roam? This is where you're easily able to find them and also cash in on the many benefits that come with being in a prehistoric age. With the dinosaurs by your side, you can pretty much run in between them to catch all of the coins that you can. Think you can get the biggest payout that they have with the jackpot?

The dinosaurs await you to come and play with this 5 reel, 25 pay line slot machine. It provides players with the excitement that you want and the payouts that you need. Never have to worry about a dull moment ever again. Who said that dinosaurs don't exist? They do now!

What Dino Symbols Are Shaking?

Dinosaurs of every kind are shown as the symbols of the reels. You can also expect to see erupting volcanos, dino eggs and plants go around. Of course, the classic symbols of A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 are also going to be there to welcome you. There is a bit of everything for everyone when it comes to playing in the dinosaur slots world.

The eggs are the scatters and what you want for some extra bonus fun. The T-rex symbols pay the best and bring the biggest return on investment. They're the ones you want to land on when the time comes and the ones worth checking out when you're trying to cash out a bit on the wager you put down.

So What About Those Bonus Games?

As with many of the other progressive slots reels, some of the jackpots are surprise ones. They randomly happen and you have to be the one playing the game over and over to find out if you win them. However, with the T-Rex Slots, you can expect to find additional bonuses, which makes playing the game well worth it.

Three or more scatters in the game triggers a free spin bonus round, which gives you up to 14 free spins for you to use. You can even win more free spins on the free spins that you won. The scatter symbols also open up a new game that allows you to crack open some more dino eggs to reveal the prizes inside. You can win more cash, free spins or even more bonuses that double, triple or sometimes give you 10x the wager that you put down.

Get up to 11 wilds on the screen at any given point and now that these T-rexes are all going to pay well when it comes to cashing out from having them.

If you're ready for a rawr good time, then make sure to check out the T-rex Slots. They provide not only all of the fun you'd want from a slot machine, but they also have some of the smoothest sounds and graphics. There is a little bit of something to chew off for eve ryone looking to cash out.