Aztec Treasures Slots

If you want to go where the tribes and gold are, then this is where you can find all of the themed fun you've been searching for. The Aztec's have everything covered in this fun, exciting and Aztec themed slot. You will have the chance to meet many of the higher-ups that are claiming their way to fame when the time comes.

If you have what it takes, then make sure to come out and see the gold and sacrifices for yourself on this 5 reel, 20 pay line slot machine. It has everyone wanting to give it a go, which means the jackpot is always up high and ready for someone, one lucky person, to come out and win all of the Aztec riches.

The Aztec's Symbols in the Game

As with any of the games, you want to make sure that you're winning something in the process. This can be done with the use of the Aztec symbols that welcome you to them. With all that is being provided, you can expect to, of course, see many of the Aztec's own symbols being shown each and every time you spin the reel.

You can easily travel back in time and make sure to get all of the benefits of becoming a part of the Aztecs with the gold coins, the brightly colored feather hats, the Aztecs themselves and so much more. They have all of the spins you need, while also providing a fun and bright game to be a part of.

The Aztec Treasure symbol is the one to watch for, as this is the one that is going to give the extra spins, the jackpot and so much more.

What Bonuses are the Aztec's Offering?

The Aztecs are offering a few different bonuses, but if you're looking for a game that offers many then this might not be it. You can expect to see some free random spins that are given out every now and again, as well as large jackpots that are offered time and time again.

The free spins are activated by getting 3 geckos. These geckos can provide the player with some extra spins and the amount that is given differs depending on when you trigger this feature. In order to get another bonus feature, 3 different colored gems need to be collected.

When you collect the gems, you can expect to have a pay off that is quite worth the effort. You are brought to a different screen where you would put your gems in the slots and then a random prize is given. You can win almost anything, even ten times the bet you make, so make sure to wager a decent amount.

If you're ready to travel back in time and spend some time with the Aztecs then this is the game you want to play. Colorful, vibrant and with many flashing lights, the jackpot is just waiting for you to try your luck!