Basketbull Slots

Basketbull Slots

When you're ready to throw that ball and make the basket, then they're ready too. Make sure that you know what to expect each and every time you pull the reel and wait for the outcome. With so many things happening in this fun game, you can expect to find a lot of fun and games happening.

What's more, the characters on this 5 reel, 25 pay line slot machine are going to make you want to keep playing. The characters are themed and allow you to feel like you're playing a real game against those opponents that are out to get you.

Are you ready to make the baskets and walk away with the jackpot prize?

The Colorful Basketbull Characters

Basketbull is properly named because those bulldogs are going to take you down with each and every shot that you attempt to make. They don't want you to get ahead of them, so this is something that they're going to take to heart when it comes to putting you in your place. Make sure you're ready when it comes to seeing these characters come up to play next.

The cow, sheep, bulldog, milk, basketball hoop, and basketball are all symbols that come to play, but you can also expect to find big, colorful A, K, Q, J, 9 and 10's, as well. They wanted to make this game fun but also something that you also know by throwing in those common symbols.

Structured after the Chicago Bulls, it is a favorite team for so many.

The Bonuses, Are There Any?

When it comes to this bright slot machine, many people want to know whether or not they have a chance to cash in on extra spins or other bonuses that usually come with many of the slot machines out there.

When it comes to Basketbull, you can expect to have a decent amount of opportunities that provide you with not only ways to win extra cash and payouts, but also the jackpot that is waiting for someone to win it. If this sounds like a little bit of fun, of course, landing on the bulldog is going to get you there, then you want to try your luck and see where it lands you.

This is the game that takes you to a new level of slot machines. Bringing sports and slots together is something that so many want to have done. With Basketbull, they have done just that and added some bonus and surprise features in there so that the player can actually enjoy getting the best of both worlds.

Are you ready to shoot the ball?