The Three Stooges Slots

The Three Stooges Slots

If you enjoyed the three stooges on the big screen, then you're really going to like them as a part of this slot game. Where everyone is welcome, you can come in and check out the laughter that they're bringing to the slots. Be reminded of those jokes and pranks that they pulled on others and make sure that you're getting the most out of the jackpots that come reeling around once again.

This 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine has the best play that you're looking for when the time comes. You can ensure that you're cashing out on all of the benefits, while making sure that you get the laughter and games that you want from such a fun slot machine. With all that you can get when the reels go around, you can make sure that the laughter follows through.

The Stooges and Their Symbols

When it comes to the symbols that greet you when you open up this game, you can expect to see many of the main characters from the show, which is always a pleasant surprise. You want to meet the stooges, and their friends. Of course, there are some other symbols to be aware of such as the gavel, money, movie reel, old time telephone, pies, famous hat and so much more.

The stooges bring with them many different symbols, so you can ensure that you're taking care of the symbols and the fun that wraps them up at the same time. Enjoy more out of the game when you know what symbols open up the bigger pay outs and also what symbols are going to open bonus games if any.

The Stooges and Their Bonuses

This is a jackpot game all the way, so you want to try to get as many wilds as you can to take home the very large jackpot. This is something that can be done. The Three Stooges are the wild symbol, so make sure to line five of these guys up and the jackpot is going to pay out. Of course, if you get just a few, then they can also bring with them a larger payout. The scatter symbol, the three stooges portrait also brings with it bonuses. Having five of these symbols pays 200x the bet.

There are three different types of feature games, one for each of the stooges that you can make use of. Moe, Curly and Larry are featured on each of these games. You can win not only free spins, but multipliers on the cash that you earn with those free spins. You can even trigger the feature games again while you're playing on the free spins. Larry's feature game brings the maximum in bonuses, so it is the game you want to try to win the most.

If you're ready for a rocking good time with some stooges, then make sure to check out all that comes with this slot. It might be your next best game. Of course, the slot is in color, unlike the original stooges, but that is just an added perk.