Jumping Beans Slots

Everyone wants to do a bit of something different, and if this is you, then the Jumping Bean Slots might be the best game for you to try for yourself. As a classic slot, you can expect there to be fewer paylines and a streamlined winning process, but that doesn't make it any less fun than the other slots that you will find in the same place. If you're interested in having a good time, then this is the slot machine you have to try at least once. It might prove to be the one slot machine you never thought you'd like, but you actually enjoy playing.

Who Developed the Jumping Beans?

As a game developed by Real Time Gaming, you can expect nothing but the best from what they have to offer. When the beans are jumping, you can be sure that you are finding the best way to develop the slots and get the cash in hand that is needed. You simply just need to make sure that you are choosing a game that comes from a quality software company. RTG is the name brand that so many trusts in the slot world.

With great graphics and even better sounds, you are going to forget you are even in your own home. You are going to feel like you are in the middle of the casino floor having a good time.

A Bit on Those Jumping Beans

Playing the game is just as fun. With just 3 reels and 5 paylines, you have to match the right symbols in the right place. There are no complicated extras or payouts, it is all simple and smooth. The payout table is located right to the top of the classic slot, so whenever you land on a mix, you can see how much you would be getting back in return.

The Mexican theme is what brings everyone in because it is colorful and fun. You are going to feel like you are a part of the game and the excitement that awaits you when you are playing inside this casino game that takes you to a whole new country.

If you want to try out the game for yourself, you can do so without having to put cash down and make a wager. You can simply play for free, for fun right on the website. Of course, if you want to try and win some cash then creating an account with the casino and playing for cash can also be something that is done.

You can put down the low price of just five cents, or go up to a dollar with a max bet of $25. The choice is yours, but remember, the more you put down as a wager, the higher the payout is going to be if you win on that specific wager.

The Symbols, the Magic, the Fun and the Bonus Rounds

When it comes to spinning the reels and getting more from the bonuses that come with the slot, you can be sure that you are finding the perfect payout. You want to know more about the symbols of the game, which means being familiar with the Bandido Bean, Cactus, Mr. and Mrs. Bean, Rose, Taco, Sun and Maracas is all good to do. This goes along with the theme of the game and provides the excitement that you want. The themed symbols make the slots even more exciting than you think.

There are a few different bonus features to be aware of when it comes to playing this game. You can check out the Auto Nudge Feature which will give you a little boost when they think you might need one. This can award you a spin or two to get you going and perhaps winning. You can also check out the Bonus Bean Feature which allows you to choose a bean. The bean you choose will award you with the payout that you feel the most comfortable with. You can get cash in hand, free spins, or jackpot amounts. You can also check out the Free Spins Feature. Spin the reel, wherever it lands, you might get up to 75 free spins just from the one spin on this bonus round!

What Others are Saying About the Jumping Beans

When it comes to playing at these slots, so many are talking about how much fun they are. You can be surprised at just how much fun the slots are, even if they do not come with anything fancy. You can get the smoothest game play and ensure that you still have fun and win some cash in the process. With a rating of 4.5 out of 5, this is a highly rated game from those who have played it and loved it in the past. You can be someone who is able to provide the gaming fun that you are in need of.

If you are ready to have a good time, then know you can play in the instant version through the web browser, on the interface through the download or right on the mobile device that you have. Once you have chosen where to play, you can then start winning those free spins and extra cash in your pocket. You can have it all and more when the time comes to get the most from what they have to offer. Now is the time to go through with the Jumping Bean Slots. Sign up and play today to win!