Jazz Time Slots

If you're searching for a way to boost that good time, make some money and show off your love for all things jazz, then this is where you're able to do so. With the fun and games that they provide, you can expect to get a bit of everything all rolled into one. Are you ready to take on all that these jazz slots have to provide you with?

We know we are ready! Let the 5 reel, 9 pay line slot machine take you on a jazzy adventure to where the tunes are smooth and the souls are sweet. If you're ready to kick it cat, then we have you covered when it comes to winning some of the biggest combos out there.

Be the Cool Cat with These Symbols

The Jazz Time Slots has many symbols for you to remember when it comes to pulling the lever and making it big with each and every spin that you make. Keep an eye out for all of the popular instruments that the jazz band uses, such as the drums, the sax, the microphone and so many, many more. The martini glass and piano can also be seen with more rolls.

The graphics are smooth, the game is fun and the sounds are the best. Who doesn't love jazz and now you're able to listen to it and play for that extra cash when you move the reel and land on the right symbols with the biggest payouts.

Do Those Jazz Hands Give Out Bonuses?

If you're looking for bonuses, then make sure to check out all that comes with the ones offered within this game. You can check out the cymbal, snare drum, and drumsticks since all of these are going to provide you with a random amount of extra coins. You can get up to 350 extra coins when you land on these symbols.

Bet the max bet and get even more great bonuses, such as being able to land on 3 pianos and have the opportunity to cash out with up to 4,000 coins because this is the Jazz Jam Bonus that is given in the game.

If you're a cool cat looking for a good time, then make sure to check out all that this little fun game has to provide you with. When it comes to loving jazz, you have found the new slot machine that is going to help you get more out of the love that you have than you ever thought possible. Now is your chance! Win big today!