Frequently Asked Question

1. How old must I be to open an account in the casino?

You must be at least twenty one (21) years of age in order to open an account and play in Liberty Bell Casino.

2. How do I get started?

In order to play with Liberty Bell Casino, you must first open an account and register your personal information. *All details must match your details as appear on your ID and banking documents. **Some email providers block out emails from online gambling or forward them to the Spam folder. To make sure you receive all updates and responses, add to your contact list. (Hotmail, Verizon, Comcast, MSN, Yahoo). Once you have created a username and password, you can choose to play in the Flash Version on the website or download the free software. To download the software click on Download, then in the pop up window select ‘Run’ the program setup.exe. You then need to select ‘Run’ and follow the steps, the file will be saved on your desktop with the name Liberty Bell Casino.

3. What is the difference between the Flash Version and the downloaded version? People who don’t want to download the casino software or people that have a Mac computer (which is not supported on the downloaded version at the moment) can play the Flash Version. The games load very quickly. However, some of the games available in the software version are not offered in the Flash (for instance, European Roulette, Scratch Cards and Keno are available only in the software). When downloading the casino software to your PC, all the casino graphics and multimedia effects are already installed on your computer, which makes the games much quicker and more stable than playing them in your own browser.

4. Do you accept US players? We welcome players from all countries and recommend that you check the law in your own jurisdiction. There are different laws in each state, we don’t check up on players but consider it your responsibility to check the laws in your area and make an educated decision.

5. How do I get my bonus? The bonus has to be redeemed immediately after your deposit is approved and before you start wagering it. The bonus code you wish to claim can be found on our website or by contacting customer service and should be entered in ‘Redeem Coupon’ in the Cashier.

6. I never received my bonus. Why? There are several reasons why your bonus was not applied to your account: If the bonus was requested BEFORE the deposit was made, a representative will deny the coupon and credit your account manually. If you have a balance (even 1 cent) left on the previous bonus you requested, a representative will remove the old bonus and credit your account with the new bonus. If the bonus you requested is limited to specific players (1st, 2nd depositors, players that we referred by an affiliate), you can choose one of the other promotions that we offer to our players. If the games that you usually play are excluded on this bonus. Remember that the bonus should appear in your account instantly if there is no problem. If you require assistance, please contact Customer Support via live chat or phone BEFORE you start wagering the deposit. If the bonus you requested is not valid or has expired (such as weekend bonuses).

7. I am trying to withdraw my winnings and I get a message saying I don’t have enough money to request a withdrawal.Why?/ Why is my playable balance different than my withdrawable balance?

There is only one possible option. You have not completed the wagering requirements on the bonus. The wagering requirements for a bonus can be found under ‘Coupon Details’. You can check the amount of the wagering you have left in the Cashier, on the left side of the screen, under your balances.

8. What do you mean by ‘Wagering Requirements’? Does it mean that I have to deposit that amount/win that amount?

When claiming a bonus you are asked to wager (place bets on) your deposit and bonus a certain amount of times before you are able to cash out. Wagering requirements for bonuses are, for example, 30 times and for Blackjack, Video Poker and Multi Hand Video Poker and they count towards a fifth of this playthrough. For example: If you deposited $100, redeemed 100% bonus and received $100, your wagering requirements will be: ($100 + $100) x 30 = $6000. It does not mean that you need to deposit or win $6000. The total amount of the bets that you place should be $6000. If you are playing Slots and betting $1 a spin, you will need to spin 6000 times to complete the wagering requirements. The amount that you wagered will change as you play and will appear as ‘Playable Balance’. Once you have played the required amount, your winnings will appear as ‘Withdrawable Balance’ and you can then request a withdrawal.

9. I have played more than the required amount and my balance is still not withdrawable. Why? What are restricted games?

You can find which games are excluded on the bonus under ‘Coupon Details’. Please make sure to read the conditions of the coupon you claimed in order to avoid disappointment and heartache when you find out your winnings are not valid. (We do not offer bonuses for the following games: Pai Gow Poker, Bingo, Baccarat, Craps and Roulette).

10. Can we have 2 accounts on the same computer? /Can we use the same credit card on 2 different accounts?

The software allows only one account per household and will block additional accounts automatically. To prevent fraud, a credit card can be used to fund only one account and if used on several accounts, the system will freeze them automatically. In order to open an additional account with us, we ask that you both complete the Authorization Form and email it to us.

11. I cannot log in. What happened?

Our software is case sensitive and both username and password should be entered exactly as registered. If you are sure you entered the correct username and password and still cannot log in, please come to live chat for further assistance.

12. Which deposit methods do you accept?

We accept deposits from Visa and MasterCard credit cards. We also offer deposits by Moneybookers, Neteller and Ecocard (All E-wallets are only valid for non US players).

13. How can I withdraw my winnings?

We can send you your winnings in one of the following ways: Wire transfer – Time frame for delivery is between 3 to 21 business days. There is a flat fee of $40 dollars per wire. The money is wired directly to your bank account. The minimum amount for wire transfer withdrawals is $500. Credit Card – Time frame for delivery is between 3 and 14 business days. There is a fee of 2% of the withdrawal amount. The minimum amount for credit card withdrawals is $200. E-Wallets - This method is not available in the USA, you must also DEPOSIT with an E-wallet to be able to withdraw to an E- wallet. Time frame for delivery is 1 business day. There is no fee for this method. The minimum amount for e-wallet withdrawals is $50. Please note - There is a weekly total withdrawal limit of $2,000.

14. I want to request a wire transfer. What information do I need to enter in the cashier?

When requesting a wire transfer withdrawal you are asked to fill out the following fields in order: The amount you want to withdraw (minimum $500 and maximum $2000 per transaction). Credit Card – Time frame for delivery is up to 21 business days. There is a fee of 2% of the withdrawal amount. Account name: The name on the bank account you want to withdraw the money to. Account ID: Your bank account number (that can be 8 or 9 digits) Routing ID: Your bank routing number. Bank name: The name of your bank. Bank Swift Code: Bank address: Address of the bank branch your account is in. IBAN (for non US players)

15. Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

Unfortunately we cannot give you information on taxes and it is best to check laws in your jurisdiction.

16. What is the Authorization Form and when is it required?

The Authorization Form is a security measure we take to prevent fraud and is required only once. You will be asked to complete it when asking for your first withdrawal or when you want to register an additional account on your computer. The form can be downloaded from the Banking Page of our site and the following documents should be attached: A copy of a photo ID. A copy of a recent statement, utility bill or formal mail that verifies your address and is under your name. A copy of all credit cards used to fund your account, front and back (showing at least the 6 first digits and the last 4 of the card). The forms can be viewed by the accounting manager only and your information will be safe and secure.

17. Where is Liberty Bell Casino located?

We are located in Nicosia, Cyprus. It is an island in the Mediterranean sea and is part of the European Union.

18. I’d like to play with fun money instead of real money, how can I do that? Liberty Bell Casino offers a fun version to its players, in which they can play all the games offered in the real version, but bet with fun money. To do this, go to the log in screen, where you put in your log in name and password (you need to be logged off), and under the log in name and password fields you can mark if you want to sign in as a real money player or just as a fun player.

19. What are Comp Points and how can I use them?

Comp points are generated by wagering. For every $10 that you wager you are credited with 1 point and once you have accumulated a minimum of 500 points you can redeem them in the cashier in ‘Redeem Comps’. 500 comp points are equivalent to $5. Comp points are considered real money that can be wagered or withdrawn (but do not attract bonuses).

20. I want to make my first credit card deposit into my Liberty Bell account, but it won’t go through, what do I do? If this is your first time using a credit card to deposit into your Liberty Bell account, please verify that the card is valid for international use and for internet transactions. If the deposit still does not go through please contact our Customer Support Center in order to verify your account details; this will improve your chances of making a successful deposit.

21. What time zone does Liberty Bell Casino operate by?

When do bonuses start? Casino time is Pacific Standard Time, or PST. Weekly bonuses become valid at midnight PST, while weekend bonuses are valid between Friday at 12PM (noon) PST and Sunday 24:00 PST (midnight).

22. I never receive any of the Emails Liberty Bell Casino sends me, what’s wrong?

Unfortunately, some Email providers block Email messages coming in from unknown sites so messages from Liberty Bell Casino can get blocked in the screening process. These mostly include the following: Comcast, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, AOL and Verizon. It is advised to check your spam/junk folders for emails from Liberty Bell Casino.

23. How to add to my "Safe List" or permitted e-mails list through my service provider? Choose your email service provider to find easy step by step instructions on how to receive our emails: Outlook In the "tools" menu, select "Address Book" Choose "New Entry" and select "New Contact". This will open a new window. Enter: Liberty Bell in the "Full Name" field, then type our addresses:, and into the email address box. Click "Save and Close" Hotmail or MSN Open your Hotmail mailbox. Click the "Options" tab, then open: "Junk E-Mail Protection", and click on "Safe List". Type:, and or any of our other email addresses into your safe list. Note: If you see one of our emails in your Junk Mail folder, click on ‘This is not Junk Mail’ to avoid having email from the same source sent to the Junk Mail folder in the future. Yahoo Mail Open your Yahoo mailbox Click Mail Options Click Filters Click Add Filter In the top row, labeled "From header", make sure "Contains" is selected in the pull-down menu Then enter the Rushmore Casino email addresses:, and At the bottom, where it says "Move the Message To:" select "Inbox" from the pull-down menu Click the "Add Filter" button again If the Liberty Bell Casino emails have been filtered to your "bulk" folder, simply open the message and click on "This is not Spam" next to the "From" field ALO Open your AOL mailbox. Go to keyword: Spam Controls. Version 9.0: Open the latest email you have received from us. Click the Add Address button (on the right) to add to your "People I Know" list and add, and Replace the address in the Send To box with a Liberty Bell Casino address. Wanadoo To ensure that your Liberty Bell Casino emails are delivered to your Wanadoo mailbox, simply add us to your Wanadoo contacts list: Open your Wanadoo mailbox. Open the email from Liberty Bell Casino. Double-click on the Liberty Bell Casino message to open it in a separate window. Click with the right mouse button on the Liberty Bell Casino address that you want to store. Then in the menu: Click on "Add to Address Book". Gmail To ensure that your Liberty Bell Casino emails are delivered to your Gmail inbox, simply add us to your Gmail contacts list: Open your Gmail mailbox. Click on Contacts Click Add Contacts In the "Name" field enter: Liberty Bell Casino In the "Email" field enter:, and Click "Add Contact". Comcast To ensure that your Liberty Bell Casino emails are delivered to your Comcast inbox, simply add us to your Comcast webmail favorites list: Select the "Compose Email" button. Select the "Edit" link above the "Favorites" box. Select the contacts in your address book that you wish to add to your Comcast webmail favorites list and click "Add". You can add up to five contacts to the list. Click "Save" SBC Global Open your SBCGlobal mailbox Click "Mail Options" Click "Filters" Click "Add Filter" In the top row, labeled "From header:" make sure "Contains" is selected in the pull-down menu. Then enter the Liberty Bell Casino email addresses:, and At the bottom, where it says "Move the Message To:" select "Inbox" from the pull-down menu. Click the "Add Filter" button again. If the Liberty Bell Casino emails have been filtered to your "bulk" folder, simply open the message and click on "This is not Spam" next to the "From" field.

24. I was playing when the software suddenly froze/logged me out/crashed, why is that and what happens to my balance?

Software malfunctions at times, as anyone with a computer can vouch. We have developed extremely stable software, but it may still crash or freeze due to a random error or because the computer the player is using has performed an error. We at Liberty Bell Casino are well aware of that and so we have installed a safety feature which not only records your games, so we know exactly how much you had and what was your situation, but also retains the balance at the moment the software crashed. Please note that the balance may be a bit different because the round you were playing may have ended without you seeing it, as a win or loss. 25. What is the Random jackpot and how can I win it? The random jackpot is a jackpot that increases as players bet in the casino. This huge cash prize builds and builds until it is won. To win the random jackpot, you need to play a progressive game. The amount you bet and which progressive game you choose to play do not matter Once a jackpot is won, it starts to build up again.