Dragon Orb Slots

Dragon Orb Slots

Dragon Orb is a modern-day Asian-inspired video slot complete with progressive jackpots, unique re-spin perks and more. It's beautiful to look at with unique cartoon-style symbols, but it's more than its appearance. This slot is a gem of a game that offers a good value and an entertaining experience as well. Find out why it's one of our favorites down below in our full slot review.

A RealTime Gaming Masterpiece

Like many of the other slots available online today, Dragon Orb was created by the staff at RealTime Gaming and it shows when playing the slot. It shows off a unique and exciting theme, a collection of cool symbols and runs very smoothly on mobile devices. These are all staples of most RTG games available today.

Designed to Demo

It's possible to play this game without spending any money at all. This is great news for gamblers that want to get started Learning the different features of this game without risking their money to do so. Using this feature is simple to do, and only requires going to a compatible casino and selecting the game. Once selected it can be put into demo mode and played immediately for free.

Designed for Simplicity and Style

Bring in the new year with this uniquely designed dragon themed slot game. it has a dark and spooky look, complete with glowing fireflies, shooting stars, and bright vibrant moon in the backdrop. This Asian inspired game is filled with beautiful symbols, nice animations and should hold your attention for a long period of time. The spot is also designed to be simple and his you have to press when starting a gaming session.

A Progressive Jackpot Slot Game

This lot has all the makings of a modern progressive Jackpot game. it offers both minor and major progressive jackpots. It features a variety of exciting bonuses and special symbols to keep things interesting. The game also offers substantial prize paying opportunities to the players that are fortunate enough to unlock them.

Adjustable Paylines and Minimal Wager Limits

With just 10 paylines in this slot game, the wagering options are limited but simple. This makes it easy for new players to pick up the game and start trying it out. Each of the 10 paylines is fully selectable and can be adjusted up or down. What's most interesting about this slot, is that the coin value is locked at $0.10 apiece. That means the maximum wager amount is just $1.00 per spin and the minimum is $0.10 and that value is determined by the number of active lines as you play the game.

A Low Paying Table

After taking one look at the pay table of this slot, it's easy to get dissuaded. That's because most of the symbols aren't worth much at all period the most valuable symbol available is only worth 250 coins. The next most valuable symbol, the flower, is worth 120 coins. Even though these symbols aren't worth very much, it's still possible to walk away with massive prize payouts while playing this game. they just occur by getting large combinations of pads in the same turn, or by using the re-spin feature.

No Bonus Rounds

Other than the re-spin feature, there are no bonus rounds in this slot game. Most of your wins are going to come during the normal rounds of the game, and you'll be relying on re-spin combinations to get the biggest wins possible. The lack of bonus rounds doesn't hurt that game, it just means that you have to play it with different expectations. It's still fun and exciting, and well worth a try.

A Powerful Re-Spin Function

This slot comes loaded with a re-spin feature that will be responsible for most large wins that it awards gamblers with. Any time one of the wild Dragon Orb symbols appears on a reel of the slot, it expands to take over that full reel, it gets locked in place and the re-spin feature is triggered. During the feature any time another expanding wild shows up on one of the reels being spun an additional re-spin is awarded with all the wilds locked into position again. Pays are awarded after each re-spin and this feature can lead to some very valuable combinations if it's triggered several times in a row during a single turn.

One of the Best RTP Values Around

One of the most stunning features of this game is its RTP (return to player) value of 98%. That's right up there with games like blackjack and video poker games that are known for their high returns and it's much higher than most other slot games around. If you're searching for a slot that offers a good value for your money, this is it.

A Surprisingly Good Rating

After thorough testing we were happy to give this slot game a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. Even though it doesn't offer huge fixed jackpot prize payouts, it does give out solid progressive jackpots and exciting combination wins that can have a huge impact on the amount of cash that the game offers. Add in the cool theme, the nice symbol designs and the beautiful animations and you have a real winner of a slot game.

Big Wins Come from Symbol Combos or Progressive Jackpots

The progressive jackpot payouts are awarded randomly while playing this slot, which means any turn can conclude with a serious prize win even if the symbols don't align properly. Other than progressive jackpots, the next best way to win big with this slot is by getting a combination of many different symbols together. This can be achieved using the re-spin feature, or by getting lucky with several wilds all showing up on the very first spin. Either way, some players win big with a bit of luck on this slot.

Swap Between Fun and Real Money Modes with Ease

When you first get started with this slot game period you will be tasked with deciding between real money play, and free money play. if you decide to play in free mode, you get to experience all the features of the game without spending money period when you decide that you want to play for a chance of real prize payouts, you can very easily toggle the game over to real money play. As long as you have a registered account with the casino, you are free to play this slot in either of the modes and can easily change back and forth between them.

It Can Be Used on Mobile as Well

Even though most gamblers don't expect to be able to play video slot games on their smartphone, it's possible to do so with this game in particular. That's because the game has been optimized to run on most mobile devices smoothly and effectively. To play this game on a mobile device, simply load your mobile web browser, sign into your casino account, and begin playing this game right in your browser. It only takes a few minutes to get the game started, and it will run just as good as it does on your computer as long as you have a modern device.

It's hard to deny just how good dragon orb is. The slot game has an amazing RTP, it offers a decent selection of features to play around with, and it gives solid prize payouts to players. Whether you're just looking for an entertaining slot, or you're trying to get the most value for your money when wagering with cash, dragon orb is a slot game worth playing at least one time.