Double Ya Luck Slots

Be a part of a 3-reel progressive slot that welcomes one and all to come in and try their own luck. If you have any luck, they are going to make sure to double it for you and give you the best winnings. Double Ya Luck is part board game part classic slot, part progressive jackpot slot. It's so interesting and unique that you can't help but be drawn to this game, and that's what's so special about it. If you're willing to sit down and give this game a try, you'll be amazed at how unique and exciting it is. Challenge yourself to learn its features and you might just have a new favorite slot, or at least that's our theory. Find out more about how the game works in this complete review, or just test it for yourself instead.

A Realtime Gaming Game

Like many other unique games, this one was also developed by Realtime Gaming. It's fun and zany and highly unique. This is why we love Realtime Gaming. The developer is known for making games that don't feel like anything else. They also do a good job of making mobile-friendly options and at making something that feels rewarding to play. All that's available with this slot game as well.

A Modern and Interesting Classic Slot Game

This game as most of the elements of a classic slot. It comes loaded with just a few different symbols, it has smaller prize payouts and just three paylines. Additional elements like a progressive jackpot and unique bonus features make classifying this slot more difficult though. We tentatively call it a classic slot with progressive slot features, and it's this unique setup that makes it worth playing in the first place.

Few Paylines and Wagering Options

There are three selectable paylines for this slot game and a range of coin values as low as $0.10 and as high as $1.00 each. With those options available it's possible to wager a minimum of $0.10 per spin and a maximum of $3.00 per spin. The value is determined by the number of lines and the amount wagered on each of those lines. Choose to set up this value at a level you are comfortable with for the best play results that you can get from the slot.

A Confusing Paytable

Prizes vary wildly on the slot's paytable and it's a bit confusing trying to read the different symbol values for the first time when starting with this slot game. Wilds are the most valuable and are worth up to $1,000 when three are lined up on a single reel. The next most valuable symbol is the bell worth 100 coins on its own or doubled to 200 coins with help from a wild. Symbol values drop quickly from here and combinations are the most reliable way to get big wins. The 7's symbols are used to trigger the progressive jackpot payout if three of them are gathered on one reel, but this jackpot is nothing compared to some of the wins that you can get through the bonus rounds of this slot.

The Dice Roll Feature

The Board Game feature of this slot is the most unique and exciting one. It's also pretty easy to unlock. You just need to get dice symbols across a payline. Do that and you'll be rewarded with at least one board roll. The roll is the sum of the three dice symbols that triggered the bonus. Prizes awarded from this feature could be a progressive jackpot payout, 100x your bet amount, re-rolls and much more. The spot you land on is the prize you unlock and it's possible to get many rolls in a single bonus session if you continue to land on re-roll prize places. This is how the biggest wins occur with this slot other than the free spin bonus.

The Gamble Feature

Get Double on the first reel, Ya on the second reel and Luck on the final reel to trigger the special gamble feature of this slot. When the feature is triggered you'll receive a random number of free spins up to 40 with up to a 4x multiplier attached to every prize unlocked during those free rounds. This is an excellent way to start playing the slot and it's the feature many gamblers are trying most for when they play.

Rating the Slot

A slot this different is difficult to rate because what do you compare it against? That's why we struggled to come up with a final figure as our game rating. In the end, we looked at its entertainment quality and how rewarding the different prizes are to determine its rating. Although the game is very entertaining and one of the most enjoyable that we've tried in a long time, it just doesn't payout as well as you would expect. That's why we decided on a 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. We love playing it, but for gamblers looking for a good return, this slot probably isn't the right option.

Some Big Winners and Lots of Small Prizes

This game is designed to be entertaining more than it is profitable. While some gamblers come away with thousands of dollars from a lucky streak during the bonus rounds, most end up with small wins or losses while playing. Gamblers looking for fun should check this game out, but players looking to get rich off a single play session will have to get very lucky in order for that to happen.

Try the Game Just for Fun

This is one of the slot games that we actually recommend trying for free before spending money to play it. It's confusing to play, it has loads of features you need to get comfortable with and it's a lot of fun even when played just for fun. Give it a test play or two and then decide if real money gameplay makes sense. If you do decide you want to play with real money it only takes a moment to get that setup. Make a real money deposit, choose your wager amount and start playing. It's easy and fast to swap over to real money play with this slot game.

It's Designed for Smartphones and Tablets

Like many of the modern-day RTG games, this slot is designed to run flawlessly on different mobile devices. It will load up smoothly and run with ease. The game can be relied upon to run on most devices without any quirks and with a bit of testing, you'll come to rely on the game to open up and run properly whenever you want to play it.

Double Ya Luck is a fun experience even if it isn't the most valuable slot game around today. It's not for players looking to get rich, but for gamblers looking for entertainment. Isn't that what slot gambling is all about after all? That's why we highly recommend this game. Test it out for something new, you won't regret your decision!