Big Bopper Slots

If you're searching for a way to grab the audience by storm and let them know who the Big Bopper is, then this is the slot machine for you. Taking you on a themed wave, you can pull the lever and see what jackpots are waiting for you on the other side. Do you think you have what it takes?

With 6 reels and 729 pay lines, this is the ultimate slot machine that is going to continue to keep you busy for some time. Who knew that this was something that was there all along and you had no idea?

If you're ready to give the Big Bopper a go, then look at all of what is waiting for you inside!

The Big Bopper Symbols!

With black and white video reels and all of the original songs, you can expect to get a lot from this great slot machine. They have a bit of everything just waiting for you to cash out on. With records, golden mics, radios, music notes, guitars and old time phones, it will be a blast to the past as you play your way through this slot.

The wager that you put down is a bit higher than the other slot machines, but this just means you're going to get a bigger payday when you land on the right combinations. With so many ways to win, it is definitely worth a try, even with the higher wager amount.

Bonus Rounds From the Big Bopper

Whenever you hear the song and you land on the Big Bopper, you can expect to get up to 10x your amount wagered! This is a bonus feature that is random though, so you have to make sure you listen and watch out for the signs that it has happened. When you spin the reel, expect to get a bigger payout when he starts singing.

There is also an instant win feature that is there for you to cash out on. The more he sings, the more you win. Just put down a $10 wager and it can easily turn into $1,200 while you listen and wait.

If you're searching for a good time on the jukebox, then this is where you're going to want to go to put your hands all in. It is a place worth checking out and somewhere that you can win so much money if you just try a little harder in the end. The Big Bopper is waiting for you, are you going to try your luck at the slots where he's featured?