777 Slots

777 Slots

777 is a unique slot game that combines elements from classic slots, video poker, and progressive jackpot slots together in one very interesting mix. The graphics themselves aren't that exciting, but the gameplay experience is. That's exactly why we assembled this full slot review and what makes this game worth considering as the top classic slot game available today as well.

Enjoy RealTime Gaming Features

RealTime Gaming is one of the very best casino software developers around today and that's because the company works hard to offer unique features. This game is a prime example of that. It doesn't play like any other classic slot we've tried in the past and that's a good thing. Players interested in learning more about this game and what it offers should give it a demo.

Demo the Game Free

Pay to play isn't the only way to enjoy 777 slot. This game will load up in Demo mode on most casinos free of charge. The game comes with a play money balance and runs just as it would in the normal mode. This is mighty convenient for gamblers interested in getting started online without spending their hard-earned money to test out games.

A Unique Design

The symbols themselves for this slot are bland and dull and made to look like all the other old-school classic slot games. Even though the look of the game is modern and updated, you won't stick with this slot because of the way it appears. Instead, it's the clever design of the game and how it runs that makes it worth playing. The features of the game give you unique goals and unique tools to unlock bigger and better prize payouts as well. It comes with a hold feature, a progressive jackpot and some pretty large prize payouts as well.

A Progressive Jackpot Classic

This game is a progressive jackpot slot that looks like a classic slot. It has just one payline, offers just a few symbols, but comes loaded with a progressive jackpot worth thousands. Sure that jackpot is difficult to trigger, but just having it in position makes it supremely lucrative to play around with and should help to keep things exciting overall.

Use the Unique Hold Feature Often

Unlike most other slot games available today, this one comes equipped with a unique hold feature. After an initial reel spin, players are allowed to hold one or two of the reels in position while re-spinning the others. Doing this is a solid way to uncover better prize payouts, especially if one or more wild symbols are showing on those held reels. This simple feature adds a bit of strategy to the slot game. Just be aware that a hold only works for one round then the reels go back to normal for a round before they can be held once again so there's no way to permanently hold wilds on the reels with this feature.

Just One Payline and Simple Wagering

There's only one payline in this slot, which is part of why we think of it as a classic. Because of the one line wagering is quick and easy and there aren't a whole lot of options to work with either. The minimum bet is $0.25 per spin and the amount climbs in .25 increments up to $2.50 per spin. That's not a lot of wiggle room for most gamblers but the low stakes players shouldn't mind too much as long as they are comfortable with the minimum wager. The low maximum wager will scare off any high stakes players though.

A Paytable with Real Potential

The standard paytable for this game seems very stingy, but there is real opportunity for good prize payouts. That maximum 100 coin fixed prize payout is appalling until you consider that the wilds can 3x or 9x that amount for a more substantial reward. Get three of those beautiful wilds and you'll walk away with either 1,000 coins, 1,680 coins or the progressive jackpot depending on the size of your wager amount. Bet big and you could win that large progressive jackpot amount listed up at the top of the screen, and let's be honest, that's why most people are playing this slot!

No Bonuses or Free Spins

Just like most other classic slot games, this one doesn't offer any sort of bonus round or free spin round. It's pretty basic to play, and that's just what most classic enthusiasts are going to enjoy about it. Taking a moment to get used to the different buttons is really all there is to learning this slot. Get familiar with the prize payout system and you'll be ready to start wagering and trying for those big wins.

An Excellent RTP

777 offers an RTP of over 96% which is excellent for any slot game and makes it clear that this product is a good value for gamblers looking to get away with some big prizes. It's worth trying for yourself if you're searching for a way to get away with more money at the end of your play sessions.

Rating 777

There's a lot going on with this slot game. It's not really any one category of slot, but it's a lot of fun to play around with. The game offers decent prize payouts for the meager wager that's required to play. It combines unique features like the hold and the multiplier wilds to make playing more interesting. It also offers decent looking symbols, though they're just like all the other classic slot games that we've tested. With all that considered we have to give this slot a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars for classic slot fans. Even some gamblers that don't like classics will enjoy this game, and that speaks volumes about the quality of this game.

Winners Walk Away with Thousands

Lucky winners of this slot can get away with thousands of dollars from the progressive jackpot payout as long as they meet the minimum wager requirements while playing the game. Even players that don't win the progressive jackpot could still get $1,000 or more in prize money with a high enough wager, though at that bet level it's likely worth it to increase to the maximum wager amount and go for the big jackpot.

Play Just for Fun

There's no need to play for real money if you aren't comfortable with doing that. Gamblers are free to wager just for fun as well if they would rather. That's because this slot runs in Demo mode at most casinos. It may be necessary to register for a free account before using this feature at some locations, but players can get familiar with all the features of the game without risking real money if that's something they want to do.

Try it on Mobile

Mobile wagering is the way of the future and more players are sticking with smartphone wagering over their computers today. If that appeals to you this slot is even better. It runs smoothly on most Android and iOS devices and the large buttons and basic interface makes it well-suited to mobile play.

777 is one of our favorite classic slot games because it plays more like a modern progressive slot while keeping things simple enough to keep everyone comfortable with the game. If you're looking for a new slot that plays differently than what you're used to, take a moment to test it out, it won't disappoint.